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  • Automatic analysis of the aggressive behavior of laboratory animals using thermal video processing

    The bite detection is very important but difficult element of the social interaction analysis. Standard observation methods like human observer or a camcorder of visible light frequencies fail in this case. However, it is possible to discern cooler spots on the rodent's body that appear after body contact with another individual, and vanish after short time. These spots are assumed to be a saliva trace left on fur after bite. In...

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  • Deep learning based thermal image segmentation for laboratory animals tracking

    Automated systems for behaviour classification of laboratory animals are an attractive alternative to manual scoring. However, the proper animals separation and tracking, especially when they are in close contact, is the bottleneck of the behaviour analysis systems. In this paper, we propose a method for the segmentation of thermal images of laboratory rats that are in close contact during social behaviour tests. For this, we are...

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  • Thermal imaging in automatic rodent’s social behaviour analysis

    - Year 2016

    Laboratory rodent social behaviour analysis is an extremely important task for biological, medical and pharmacological researches. In this work thermal images features that facilitate analysis are presented. Methods to distinguish objects on the basis of thermal distribution are tested. Actions of grooming or biting one rodent by another - important social behaviour incidents - are clearly visible...

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