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  • Ranking ecosystem services delivered by trees in urban and rural areas

    - AMBIO - Year 2022

    Policies and strategies for tree management and protection on a national, regional, and local level have not sufficiently considered differences between rural and urban areas. We used expert knowledge to compare rural and urban areas in a case study evaluating the relative importance of ecosystem services (ES) in policy development. The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and focus group discussions were used to rank 17 ES, representing...

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  • Geo-Questionnaire for Environmental Planning: The Case of Ecosystem Services Delivered by Trees in Poland

    - Data - Year 2021

    Studies on society and the environment interface are often based on simple questionnaires that do not allow for an in-depth analysis. Research conducted with geo-questionnaires is an increasingly common method. However, even if data collected via a geo-questionnaire are available, the shared databases provide limited information due to personal data protection. In the article, we present open databases that overcome those limitations....

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