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  • Application of wireless communication to small WECS with induction generator

    - 2010

    Wind energy conversion systems (WECS) seem to be self-evident elements of the future smart grids. Among many generator types the squirrel cage induction generator (SCIG) characterizes robustness and low cost. A full-scale power converter can perform smooth grid connection over wide speed range of multiple-stage geared SCIG. Increasing number of sensors can improve the WECS control and diagnostics but increasing number of thin wires...

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  • Non-isolated resonant quasi-Z-source network DC–DC converter

    A novel non-isolated resonant quasi-impedance (quasi-Z)-source network DC–DC converter is proposed. The resonant impedance source network is derived from the quasi-Z-source network by including the autotransformer-based resonant cell instead of the second inductor of the quasi-Z-network. The leakage inductance of the autotransformer and two resonant capacitors connected in series with the autotransformer windings constitute a high-frequency...

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  • Power Electronics Building Blocks for implementing Smart MV/LV Distribution Transformers for Smart Grid

    With an observed increase in the involvement of active consumers in activities aimed at improving energy efficiency and increasing interest in producing energy from renewable sources, there is a need for the development of new technologies enabling the distribution network operators to offer new services and functionalities. Smart MV/LV distribution transformers are characterized by a compact three-stage design, including an...

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