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  • A Novel Approach of Using Selected Unconventional Geodesic Methods of Estimation on VTS Areas

    - MARINE GEODESY - 2019

    The Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) systems belong to the fundamental tools used in ensuring a high level of safety across sea basins with heavy traffic, where the presence of navigational hazards poses a great risk of collision or a ship running aground. In order to determine the mutual location of ships, VTS systems obtain information from different facilities, such as coastal radar stations, AIS, and vision systems. Fixing a ship’s...

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  • Estimators of covariance matrices in Msplit(q) estimation

    - SURVEY REVIEW - 2020

    This paper proposes methods for the determination of covariance matrices of Msplit(q) estimators. The solutions presented here allow Msplit(q) estimation to be supplemented by the operations from the domain of accuracy analysis (especially that concerning estimators of parameters). Theoretical forms of covariance matrices of Msplit(q) estimators were established using the empirical influence functions and the equivalent covariance...

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