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Marine Service

Short abstract

Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology at the Gdańsk University of Technology is a research and educational unit providing comprehensive knowledge and skills to specialists in the field of designing watercrafts, ocean engineering facilities, and waterways transport. The Faculty houses a wide range of research infrastructure supporting the performance of advanced scientific research in the field of hydromechanics, ship structures and the endurance of ship structures, machines and devices. The Faculty cooperates with domestic and foreign companies, performing contracted woks and collaborating on the implementation of research projects.

Test apparatus

  • Test apparatus
  • An advanced ship model basin
  • Ocean Engineering Structures Laboratory
  • Ship Machines & Systems Laboratory
  • Hydromechanics and Ships Structure Computation Laboratory
  • Tribology Laboratory
Illustration of the publication
Illustration of the publication

Service range

  • Service range
  • Design of watercraft
  • Design and testing of conventional propulsion units
  • Design and testing of hybrid drives• Ship design and subsea robotics
  • Design of ship devices and equipment (i.a. cranes, winches)
  • Supervision over project implementation
  • Expert opinions on the ship building industry

Research proposal

  • Theoretical and experimental research into surface and underwater vessels
  • Research in the field of hydromechanics
  • Research into hybrid drives and watercraft structure
  • Research in the field of watercraft technologies and structures
  • Testing watercraft equipment
  • Research into power hydraulics
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