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  • Slurry Erosion -Design of Test Devices

    Degradation of material caused by impacts of a solid particle (erodent) suspended in a liquid is called slurry erosion and is a major problem in the hydropower and maritime industry. Slurry erosion depends on many factors, e.g. liquid and erodent velocity, size, shape, angle of impact, hardness and number of erodents, and strength of a target material. The various types of test devices have been designed to investigate an effect...

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  • Degradation of ferritic X10CrAlSi18 stainless steel caused by slurry

    The slurry erosion tests of ferritic X10CrAlSi18 steel were carried out using a slurry pot device. In order to investigate the erosion process, two series of tests were performed: first one with a constant impact velocity of 5 m/s, 7 m/s and 9 m/s and the second one, during which the impact velocity was changed after every exposure. During each test, an influence of test conditions on volume loss, surface hardness and roughness...

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  • An Influence of Factors of Flow Condition, Particle and Material Properties on Slurry Erosion Resistance

    The degradation of materials due to slurry erosion is the serious problem which occurs in the power industries. The paper presents actual knowledge about an influence of individual factors connected with flow conditions, particles and material properties on the slurry erosion resistance. Among the factors connected with operating conditions, an influence of impact angle, and velocity of impact, particle concertation and liquid...

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