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  • Dissociative electron attachment and anion-induced dimerization in pyruvic acid


    We report partial cross sections for the dissociative electron attachment to pyruvic acid. A rich fragmentation dynamics is observed. Electronic structure calculations facilitate the identification of complex rearrangement reactions that occur during the dissociation. Furthermore, a number of fragment anions produced at electron energies close to 0 eV are observed, that cannot originate from single electron-molecule collisions....

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  • Resonances and Dissociative Electron Attachment in HNCO

    • M. Zawadzki
    • M. Čížek
    • K. Houfek
    • R. Čurík
    • M. Ferus
    • S. Civiš
    • J. Kočišek
    • J. Fedor


    In a combined experimental and theoretical study, we probe the dissociative electron attachment in isocyanic acid HNCO. The experimental absolute cross section for the NCO− fragment shows a sharp onset and fine structures near the threshold. The autoionizing state responsible for the dissociative attachment is found in both the R-matrix calculation and using analytic continuation in the coupling constant. The involved A' resonance...

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  • Low-energy electron scattering from molecular hydrogen: Excitation of the X1Σg+ to b3Σu+ transition

    • M. Zawadzki
    • R. Wright
    • G. Dolmat
    • M. Martin
    • B. Diaz
    • L. Hargreaves
    • D. Coleman
    • D. Fursa
    • M. Zammit
    • L. Scarlett... and 4 others

    - PHYSICAL REVIEW A - Year 2018

    We present time-of-flight differential cross-section measurements and convergent close-coupling calculations of differential cross sections for the electron-impact excitation of the X 1 g + → b 3 u + transition in molecular hydrogen. A part of this work was recently published [M. Zawadzki et al., Phys. Rev. A 97, 050702(R) (2018)]. In this work, agreement between theory and experiment is excellent overall, and marks a transition...

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