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Conducted classes

Performing promoter function in doctoral dissertations

  • Patrycja Wcisło-Kucharek

    Chemical technology (Chemical sciences)

    dr inż. title conferred on 2017-10-11 by Faculty of Chemistry

  • Hubert Denda

    Chemical technology (Technology)

    dr inż. title conferred on 2017-04-17 by Faculty of Chemistry

Reviewed papers list

  • Study of the effect of azimuth and altitude of the sun on the performance of the photovoltaic module with the use of the solar simulator

    Master thesis

    - Politechnika Gdańska - 2020

  • Badania eksploatacyjne kolektora słonecznego z wykorzystaniem roztworów wodnych fazy glicerynowej jako czynnika roboczego.

    Master thesis

    - Politechnika Gdańska - 2012

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