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  • Motives for Going International and Entry Modes of Family Firms in Poland

    The artucule in the theoretical part focuses on theoretical concepts of firm internationalisation and specifics of internationalisation of FBs, especially their motives for going international. In the empirical part the quqantitative approach is adopted. The results of survey are presented on the sample of 216 firms, including 88 FBs. The statistical analysis is carried out

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  • Entrepreneurial Business and Economic Review

    The objective of the article is to explore internationalisation patterns of family high-tech firms, especially their internationalisation motives, intensity, speed, and entry modes. The empirical part adopts a quantitative approach. The results of the survey are presented on the sample of 263 high-tech production firms from Poland, including 101 family firms. The survey was conducted in all 16 Polish regions. The calculations from...

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  • Internationalization of Born Globals from Theoretical Perspective

    The paper discusses the evolution of theoretical approaches towards internationalisation process of firms, especially SMEs. It clarifies the definitions of born global (BG) firm, presents its characteristics and the specifics of its internationalisation process. The objective of this paper is to present internationalisation process of born global firm from theoretical perspective. The article starts with presentation of the oldest...

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  • 2004-04-09

    Obtained science degree

    dr hab. Economy (Economics)
    Wydział Zarządzania UG

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