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  • Foundation text of St. Mary's Church in Gdańsk

    Open Research Data

    The data set concerns epigraphy. It refers to the medieval foundation preserved on the wall above the sacristy entrance in St. Mary’s Church in Gdańsk, which confirms that the foundation stone of the temple was laid on 28th of March 1343. The data set contains one general photo of the foundation text, transcription of its text in Latin and its Polish...

  • Frequency of neoplasia in the baltic clam Limecola balthica from the Gulf of Gdańsk between 1999-2002

    Open Research Data

    The presented dataset contains data describing the frequency of neoplasia in one of the most common bivalve species inhabiting the Baltic Sea, the baltic clam Limecola balthica. The frequency of neoplasia was assessed at various locations of the Gulf of Gdańsk between years 1999 - 2002. The dataset contains information describing the sampling areas...

  • Functional specialisation and economic upgrading in GVCs

    Open Research Data

    The dataset collected for selected Central Eastern European (CEE) countries (CZE, EST, HUN, LVA, LTU, POL, SVK, SVN) contains country-level and sector-level observations for the project implementation linked to the concept of functional specialization of economies. The aim of the project is to identify patterns of functional specialisation in global...

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