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Open Research Data

  • Ichtiofauna seasonal changes in Redłowo area

    Open Research Data

    Sallow water areas of the Baltic Sea are very important feeding, spawning, and nursery grounds for many fish species. The dataset includes data from fish mass analysis and detailed analysis. The mass analysis includes total abundance and a total weight of fish species caught during sampling. Detailed analysis includes individual fish total length, weight,...

  • Images of apples for the use of the Viola-Jones method. Data set no. 2 - grey scale

    Open Research Data

    The database contains pictures of apples made at different angles, from different sides and containing different varieties. In this way, two bases of apple images were created (each database contains 1,100 images). This set is data set no. 2 - grey scale: processed images in shades of gray. The photos were prepared for the best possible detection process...

  • Impedance and cyclic voltammetry studies of GPLA electrodes after laser ablation

    Open Research Data

    The 3D printed GPLA electrodes present a brand new opportunity for electrode material for electrochemical biosensors. In order for the electrodes to be considered viable for electroanalysis studies, the pretreatment procedure must be applied in order to etch PLA matrix and reveal graphene filler. The following dataset presents an approach towards such...

  • Impedance spectra of RC model as a result of testing pulse excitation measurement method

    Open Research Data

    The impedance spectrum of RC model object obtained using pulse excitation EIS impedance spectrosocpy measurement method. The 1V voltage pulse excitation duration was set to 0.1s and the total acqusition time was set to 1000s. The object under test was built using RC components connected as Baunier model of anticorrosion coating with the following components...

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