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Open Research Data

  • Measurements of raising of 160EC pantograph type

    Open Research Data

    In this description the results of the experiment and also simulation performed on the total assembly of the 160 EC pantograph type is given. Multibody dynamics of pantograph rising due to external torque and forces are measured for parameter validation of the pantograph model.

  • Micoroalgae bloom detected in Southern Baltic Sea on 25.07.2014

    Open Research Data

    The GeoTIFF image presents detected microalgae bloom observed in the Baltic Sea on 25.07.2014. The image has been obtained from the raw AVHRR sensor bands 1 (0.58-0.68 μm) and 2 (0.725-1.0 μm). The resulting single-band raster has been masked to remove all pixels outside of the Baltic Sea region. Pixel values between -0.2 and -0.23 depict progressively...

  • Minimal number of periodic points for smooth self-maps of simply-connected manifolds

    Open Research Data

    The problem of finding the minimal number of periodic points in a given class of self-maps of a space is one of the central questions in periodic point theory. We consider a closed smooth connected and simply-connected manifold of dimension at least 4 and its self-map f. The topological invariant D_r[f] is equal to the minimal number of r-periodic points...

  • Model dynamic electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (DEIS) results obtained with various DC polarization rates

    Open Research Data

    The dataset contains results of model dynamic electrochemical impedance spectroscopy studies carried out on a setup of 10 diodes in series, which were connected in parallel with a condenser. The impedance data were acquired every 1 s (the analytic window length for Fourier Transform was 1 s). The model system was polarized between 0 and +8 V with DEIS...

  • Multiple group membership and collective action: study 1&2

    Open Research Data

    Datasets from two studies, conducted in Poland, on the relation between identity fusion, group identification, multiple group membership, perceived injustice, and collective action intention. The purpose of the present studies was to examine (a) whether multiple group membership (in the context of opinion-based groups) relates to collective action (CA)...

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