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Partial PLA composite surface activation by femtosecond laser ablation


The dataset contains the studies on electrochemical activity of PLA composite (commercially available CB-PLA Protopasta), which was 3D printed in a form of 1x1cm electrodes. The electrodes were submitted to femtosecond laser ablation operating with different parameters. These were: gas atmosphere (He or air, data in different subfolders), the percentage of applied FS laser power (10-100%), scan rate (between 833 and 2000 mm/s), and a number of scans at the electrode surface (each labeled in file names). 100% FS laser power corresponds to 4.1 Jcm^-2 pulse energy. 20 MHz pulse repetition rate was used.

The studies were carried out with different redox probes labeled in the subfolders: potassium ferrocyanide or hexaammineruthenium chloride in 0.1M KCl. The electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and cyclic voltammetry (CV) measurements were carried out using Autolab 304N potentiostat. Pt mesh was the counter electrode and Ag|AgCl was the reference electrode. The CV scan rate is given in file names.

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