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  • Heavy Duty Vehicle Fuel Consumption Modelling Based on Exploitation Data by Using Artificial Neural Networks

    - 2019

    One of the ways to improve the fuel economy of heavy duty trucks is to operate the combustion engine in its most efficient operating points. To do that, a mathematical model of the engine is required, which shows the relations between engine speed, torque and fuel consumption in transient states. In this paper, easy accessible exploitation data collected via CAN bus of the heavy duty truck were used to obtain a model of a diesel...

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  • Heavy duty vehicle fuel consumption modelling using artificial neural networks

    - 2019

    In this paper an artificial neural network (ANN) approach to modelling fuel consumption of heavy duty vehicles is presented. The proposed method uses easy accessible data collected via CAN bus of the truck. As a benchmark a conventional method, which is based on polynomial regression model, is used. The fuel consumption is measured in two different tests, performed by using a unique test bench to apply the load to the engine. Firstly,...


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