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  • Bass Enhancement Settings in Portable Devices Based on Music Genre Recognition

    The paper presents a novel approach to the Virtual Bass Synthesis (VBS) applied to mobile devices, called Smart VBS (SVBS). The proposed algorithm uses an intelligent, rule-based setting of bass synthesis parameters adjusted to the particular music genre. Harmonic generation is based on a nonlinear device (NLD) method with the intelligent controlling system adapting to the recognized music genre. To automatically classify music...

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  • Music Data Processing and Mining in Large Databases for Active Media

    The aim of this paper was to investigate the problem of music data processing and mining in large databases. Tests were performed on a large data-base that included approximately 30000 audio files divided into 11 classes cor-responding to music genres with different cardinalities. Every audio file was de-scribed by a 173-element feature vector. To reduce the dimensionality of data the Principal Component Analysis (PCA) with variable...

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  • Music Genre Recognition in the Rough Set-Based Environment

    The aim of this paper is to investigate music genre recognition in the rough set-based environment. Experiments involve a parameterized music data-base containing 1100 music excerpts. The database is divided into 11 classes cor-responding to music genres. Tests are conducted using the Rough Set Exploration System (RSES), a toolset for analyzing data with the use of methods based on the rough set theory. Classification effectiveness...

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