Building the fully European supplY chain on RFSOI, enabling New RF Domains forSensing, Communication, 5G and beyond - Project - Bridge of Knowledge


Building the fully European supplY chain on RFSOI, enabling New RF Domains forSensing, Communication, 5G and beyond

BEYOND5 is first and foremost a technology project gathering most significant European actors covering the entire value chain from materials, semiconductor technologies, designs and components up to the systems. BEYOND5 will drive industrial roadmaps in More than Moore (MtM) in adding connectivity features on existing CMOS Technology. The ambition is to accomplish sustainable Radio Frequency SOI platforms to cover the frequency range from 0.7GHz to more than 100GHz, and to demonstrate the technical advantage of SOI, which allows combining large scale integration, low power consumption, cost competitiveness and higher reliability; thus, resulting in high volume production of trusted components with low environmental impact in Europe. Participation BEYOND5 consortium brings GUT a unique opportunity to develop smart/reconfigurable antenna solutions that can be successfully applied in practical real-world scenarios and, thanks to “package-on-package” approach, will enable wider applicability of mm-Wave SIP solutions. Additionally, GUT will verify how additive manufacturing concept may be used in 5G solutions for easy adaptation of generic IC to different application domains. Hence, GUT’s R&D activities will be better focused on the most important areas from the business point of view and all the work will be performed in an efficient way. In consequence, this will result in more valuable publications and will influence educational activities.


Project's acronym:
Financial Program Name:
Premia na Horyzoncie
Ministerstwo Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego (MNiSW)
494998 z dnia 2021-03-08
Realisation period:
2021-03-08 - 2024-05-31
Project manager:
dr hab. inż. Krzysztof Nyka
Realised in:
Department of Microwave and Antenna Engineering
External institutions
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  • Ministerstwo Edukacji i Nauki (Poland)
Project's value:
383 389.00 PLN
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National Research Programmes
Domestic project
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Gdańsk University of Technology


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