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Education for Quality Improvement

The main objective of the Edu4QI project is to develop and verify a modular program of postgraduate studies on contemporary process improvement concepts. The modular program will enable flexible adjustment of the university's educational offer to the expectations of a wide group of stakeholders - graduates of 1st and 2nd deg. studies of various fields within technical and social sciences. A complementary goal is to develop recommendations for the improvement of the postgraduate education process for university graduates. This goal relates to 2 priority areas - "Management in the education sector" and "Development of a quality culture in education, including internal QA systems". Recommendations will concern the use of elements of the Lean Management, Models of Excellence (EFQM) and normative management systems (ISO 21001). An important element will be solutions conducive to the development of a quality culture in HEIs and enabling its diagnosis. The objectives are related to the objectives of the Program, including: expanding knowledge bases, exchanging good educational practices, developing pro-quality awareness of university staff, adjusting the offer to the needs of the labour market. Achieving the goals will contribute to enriching the offer of HE in the field of process improvement in the production and service sectors, including public services. The studies will be carried out in a hybrid system, depending on the development of the pandemic situation. The innovativeness of the project and its effects results from: maximization of the participation of practical classes, classes in the project system are conducted not only by academic teachers but mainly by practitioners, cooperating enterprises provide assistance in implementation of practical educational goals, elements of progressive improvement concepts will be used in the management of the study in the HE sector (LeanHE, EFQM BEM) with an emphasis on shaping and diagnosing a culture of quality.


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Fundacja Rozwoju Systemu Edukacji
z dnia 2021-10-29
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2021-12-01 - 2023-11-30
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dr hab. inż. Piotr Grudowski
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Department of Quality Management and Commodity Science
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  • University of Stavanger (Norway)
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International Educational Programs
International project
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Gdańsk University of Technology

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