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Electrochemical Au-Minecraft: a new approach towards the impedimetric biosensing system

The main task of the project is to examine different forms of interaction and self-organization of gold nanoparticles with the surface of the electrode under the influence of the electric field. The generated heterogeneous distribution of diffusion fields will affect the global behavior of the electrode, and therefore the effect of self-organization will be a specific amplification of the impedance response that is detected during the operation of the biosensor. The proposed solution will translate into an increase in the sensitivity and selectivity of macromolecular compounds detection, and will also offer a new range of solutions dedicated to biosensor functionalization. The project will contribute to the development of the laboratory to study electrochemical and physicochemical phenomena of the Gdańsk University of Technology, resulting in numerous publications in Q1 journals. New experimental tools and modeling procedures will be developed. The project closely matches the topics implemented within Advanced Materials and BioTechMed Centres, contributing the development of GUT's main research areas as part of the IDUB project. The work will be conducted in close cooperation with researchers of the University of Gdańsk: Faculties of Chemistry and Biology.


Project's acronym:
Financial Program Name:
Narodowe Centrum Nauki (NCN) (National Science Centre)
UMO-2020/37/B/ST7/03262 z dnia 2021-01-26
Realisation period:
2021-01-26 - 2024-01-25
Project manager:
dr hab. inż. Jacek Ryl
Team members:
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Instytut Nanotechnologii i Inżynierii Materiałowej
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  • Uniwersytet Gdański (Poland)
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National Research Programmes
Domestic project
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Gdańsk University of Technology


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