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Methane fermentation of biomass containing biodegradable polymeric material

The subject of the project is methane fermentation of the organic fraction of waste from selective collection and the organic fraction separated from mixed municipal waste. Additionally, the project focuses on biodegradable polymers. Commonly introduced biodegradable polymers will undoubtedly have an increasing impact on the properties of the feed directed to bioreactors, and thus on the efficiency of biogas production, digestate quality and its susceptibility to composting, especially in terms of the presence of so-called microplastics, which are now very popular substitute for conventional polymers. DIGEST-PLAST project investigates possibilities of the organic fraction of municipal and industrial waste utilization for renewable energy (biogas) production. The project’s concept expands problems presented in the implemented POM-BIOGAS project. Also it draws attention to the growing problem with the appearance of a biodegradable polymers in the surrounding environment, which fate during such processes like methane fermentation has not been thoroughly studied yet. The studies planed in the project will include the assessment of the tendency of conversion of biodegradable polymers to microplastics. Finally, the scope of the project will verify, how the presence of biodegradable polymers influences the course of methane fermentation. Since, biodegradable polymers are not collected separately from the waste stream and hence are not subjected to appropriate treatment to reveal their biodegradable nature, they may be considered harmful, similarly to microplastic. The aim of the project will focus on an enhancement of biodegradable plastic decomposition during methane fermentation process. Different pre-treatment methods will be suggested to optimise process flow. Additionally, the process scale-up will be demonstrated and the simplified method for estimation of fertilising properties will be developed. Importance of the project for GUT: The DIGEST-PLAST project is an international, relatively high-volume project, and therefore desirable from a research university's point of view. It has great practical significance, both for renewable energy sources and raw materials, as well as circular economy. It provides opportunities for the development of young staff, enriches the University with research installations, will contribute to the preparation of publications in the field of applied sciences and cooperation with enterprises.


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EEA and Norway grants - Applied Research Programme
Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju (NCBR) (The National Centre for Research and Development)
NOR/POLNOR/DIGEST-PLAST/0055/2019-00 z dnia 2020-09-03
Realisation period:
2020-11-01 - 2023-11-01
Project manager:
dr inż. Aleksandra Grabowiec
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Department of Process Engineering and Chemical Technology
External institutions
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  • Aquateam COWI (Norway)
  • Zakład Utylizacji Sp. z o.o., w Gdańsku (Poland)
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5 805 187.46 PLN
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International Research Programmes
International project
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