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New bio-based polyester polyols for polyurethane foams - synthesis and characterization

The subject of the application is preliminary research on the possibility of obtaining bio-based polyester polyols, using monomers with natural origin, dedicated to the synthesis of polyurethane foams. The obtained bio-based polyols should have a functionality above 2, and therefore have more than 2 -OH hydroxyl groups in their structure. A comprehensive literature review and the experience gained in the course of the doctoral dissertation allowed me to conclude that the preparation of such bio-based polyester polyols is possible with the use of bi- and three-functional monomers of plant origin commercially available on the market. Conducting preliminary tests will allow to verify the assumed possibility of obtaining bio-based polyols with a functionality above 2. Moreover, the performed syntheses will allow to determine the basic conditions of the reaction (temperature and reaction time) and to characterize the chemical structure and basic physicochemical and thermal properties of the obtained materials. Confirmation of the possibility of obtaining polyester bio-polyols with a functionality above 2 with the use of compounds of plant origin will provide grounds for applying for funding from national and / or international sources in future NCN grants or other national or international competitions, a research project on the possibility of obtaining and applying bio-based polyester polyols in the synthesis of polyurethane foams. Moreover, the planned basic research and the results obtained under this project will contribute to the intensification of activities aimed at the development of a scientific career (including the initiation of habilitation proceedings).


Project's funding:
2020/04/X/ST5/01099 z dnia 2021-03-09
Realisation period:
2020-12-09 - unknown
Project manager:
dr inż. Paulina Parcheta
Realised in:
Department of Polymers Technology
Project's value:
41 800.00 PLN
Request type:
National Research Programmes
Domestic project
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Gdańsk University of Technology

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