Challenges of low-dimensional dynamics in hybrid neuron models. - Project - MOST Wiedzy


Challenges of low-dimensional dynamics in hybrid neuron models.

The aim of the project is to apply and extend quite recent results from low-dimensional dynamical systems (including rotation theory and topological invariants) in the analysis of the complex dynamics of some models of nerve cell activity, and to a lesser extent also in a particular models of magnetic flux tubes. The project will contribute to the internationalization of scientific research at GUT (some tasks in the project are implemented in international cooperation), as well as to the scientific development of the university (research results will be submitted for publication in leading scientific journals).


Project's funding:
UMO-2019/35/D/ST1/02253 z dnia 2020-06-25
Realisation period:
2020-06-25 - 2023-06-24
Project manager:
dr inż. Justyna Signerska-Rynkowska
Realised in:
Department of Differential Equations and Mathematical Applications
Request type:
National Research Programmes
Domestic project
Verified by:
Gdańsk University of Technology

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