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Analysis of guided wave propagation in adhesive joints of steel rods


The aim of the study is the elastic wave propagation in adhesive joints of metal rods that are one of the simplest kind of glue connections. They are consisted of two metal members and an adhesive layer joining two parts together. The analysis is directed to technical diagnostics of such type of connections. Longitudinal and transversal guided waves were excited in prepared joints. Signals of propagating waves were registered in a couple of points by means of PZT plate sensors. Butt and single lap joints were tested. Single rod was also investigated to compare with adhesive joints. There were two approaches applied for both types of connections: experimental investigations and FEM analysis. In the study, the possibility of the application of guided waves in diagnostics of adhesive joints of metal rods was analysed.

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Published in:
Diagnostyka no. 18, pages 43 - 49,
ISSN: 1641-6414
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Bibliographic description:
Wojtczak E., Rucka M.: Analysis of guided wave propagation in adhesive joints of steel rods// Diagnostyka. -Vol. 18., nr. 4 (2017), s.43-49
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