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Application of the laser diode with central wavelength 975 nm for the therapy of neurofibroma and hemangiomas


This paper presents newly developed dermatological laser (with central wavelength 975 nm) for application in therapies requiring deep penetration of tissue, e.g. cutaneous (dermal) neurofibroma (Recklinghausen disease) and hemangiomas. This laser can work either in pulse or continues wave mode. Laser radiation is transmitted toward the application region by optical fiber with a diameter of 0.6 mm. The compact design of the laser facilitates its transport and increases the comfort of use.


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Published in:
JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL OPTICS no. 22, pages 5020 - 5024,
ISSN: 1083-3668
Publication year:
Bibliographic description:
Jacek S., Mirosław S., Witold C., Karpienko K., Jędrzejewska-Szczerska M., Cenian A.: Application of the laser diode with central wavelength 975 nm for the therapy of neurofibroma and hemangiomas// JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL OPTICS. -Vol. 22, nr. 1 (2017), s.5020-5024
Digital Object Identifier (open in new tab) 10.1117/1.jbo.22.1.010502
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