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Automated Parameter Determination for Horizontal Curves for the Purposes of Road Safety Models with the Use of the Global Positioning System


This paper presents the results of research conducted to develop an automated system capable of determining parameters for horizontal curves. The system presented in this article could calculate the actual course of a road by means of a two-stage positioning of recorded points along the road. In the first stage, measurements were taken with a Real-Time Network (RTN) receiver installed in a research vehicle. In the second stage, pictures from three cameras, also installed in the vehicle, were analyzed in order to correct the accuracy of the location of the measurement points along the road. The RTN messages and the pictures from the cameras were sent to a mobile workstation which integrated the received signals in an ArcGIS (Esri) environment. The system provides a way to quickly accumulate highly accurate data on the actual geometric parameters of a road. The computer scripts developed by the authors on the basis of the acquired data could automatically determine the parameters of the horizontal curves. The solution was tested in the field and some comments on its advantages and disadvantages are presented in this paper. The automation of data acquisition with regards to the run of a road provides eective data input for mathematical models that include the eect of horizontal curve parameters on road safety. These could be used to implement more eective ways of improving road safety.


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Geosciences no. 9,
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Budzyński M., Jamroz K., Pyrchla J., Kustra W., Inglot A., Pyrchla K.: Automated Parameter Determination for Horizontal Curves for the Purposes of Road Safety Models with the Use of the Global Positioning System// Geosciences -Vol. 9,iss. 9 (2019), s.397-
Digital Object Identifier (open in new tab) 10.3390/geosciences9090397
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