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Bezczujnikowe sterowanie trakcyjnym silnikiem IPMSM małej mocy


This paper describes an algorithm for estimation of IPMSM angular rotor position. The algorithm uses derivatives of motor phase currents resulting from PWM modulation to obtain the rotor position. Control of the IPMSM electromagnetic torque requires a precise estimation of the rotor angular position throughout the wide speed range. This involves using a set of estimation methods switched with the dependence on the actual rotor speed. The three proposed estimation algorithms are characterized by simple mathematical equations. Estimation results are obtained at one or few PWM periods, depending on the method. However implementation of the proposed estimators involves specific and complex algorithm to measure the motor phase currents. The measurement must be performed more frequently than in standard drive (containing mechanical transducer), also the moments of the measurement must be correlated with inverter transistors switching times. Development and parameters adjustment of measurement algorithm are key issues in the implementation of sensorless drive. Estimator basics and mathematical equations are presented and discussed. Laboratory test results are given and commented.

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artykuły w czasopismach recenzowanych i innych wydawnictwach ciągłych
Published in:
Czasopismo Techniczne no. R. 108, pages 133 - 142,
ISSN: 0011-4561
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Jarzębowicz L., Karwowski K.: Bezczujnikowe sterowanie trakcyjnym silnikiem IPMSM małej mocy// Czasopismo Techniczne. -Vol. R. 108., nr. z. 13 (2011), s.133-142
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