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  • 100-lecie powstania Bauhausu: 1919-2019

    Celem artykułu jest przypomnienie setnej rocznicy powstania szkoły wzornictwa i architektury Bauhaus. Uczelnia powstała w Dessau i miała ogromny wpływ na rozwój nowoczesnej sztuki - malarstwa, architektury i wzornictwa. Autorzy artykułu przygotowali wystawę poświęconą 100-leciu Bauhausu, która była prezentowana w murach Politechniki Gdańskiej. W artykule wykorzystano fotografie i materiały z tej wystawy. Wystawa i artykuł powstały...

  • 11 Triennale Małych Form Malarskich

    Triennale Małych Form Malarskich to cykliczny ogólnopolski konkurs zwieńczony wystawą, prezentujący poszukiwania artystów w dziedzinie kameralnej twórczości malarskiej we wszystkich jej odmianach. Organizatorzy pozostawiają malarzom pełną swobodę w wyborze techniki i tematu. Jedyne ograniczenie stanowią wymiary pracy – jej format nie może przekraczać 600 cm2. „Ograniczenie formatowe stawia przed artystami zadanie poszukania nowych...

  • 2019 20th International Carpathian Control Conference (ICCC)

    The aim of the conference is to support exchange of information and experience in the field of automation of engineering and production, in research, applications, and education. The conference provides an opportunity for presenting most recent advances in complex automation, robotics, modelling, control of production and technological processes, including quality control systems oriented to environment,...

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  • 25 years of research and experiences about the application of constructed wetlands in southeastern Poland
    • K. Jóźwiakowski
    • M. Marzec
    • A. Kowalczyk-Juśko
    • M. Gizińska-Górna
    • A. Pytka-Woszczyło
    • A. Malik
    • A. Listosz
    • M. Gajewska


    This paper is a review of research and experiences related to the application of constructed wetland systems (CWs) in southeastern Poland in 1992–2016. On the basis of literature data, a comparison between pollutant removal efficiencies of one-stage and hybrid CWs was made. Some problems regarding the operation of these treatment plants were also presented. Data from various facilities indicate that one-stage CWs with horizontal...

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  • 2-Coloring number revisited

    2-Coloring number is a parameter, which is often used in the literature to bound the game chromatic number and other related parameters. However, this parameter has not been precisely studied before. In this paper we aim to fill this gap. In particular we show that the approximation of the game chromatic number by the 2-coloring number can be very poor for many graphs. Additionally we prove that the 2-coloring number may grow...

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  • 2-D constitutive equations for orthotropic Cosserat type laminated shells in finite element analysis

    We propose 2-D Cosserat type orthotropic constitutive equations for laminated shells for the purpose of initial failure estimation in a laminate layer. We use nonlinear 6-parameter shell theory with asymmetric membrane strain measures and Cosserat kinematics as the framework. This theory is specially dedicated to the analysis of irregular shells, inter alia, with orthogonal intersections, since it takes into account the drilling...

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  • 3D Hierarchical Boron-Doped Diamond-Multilayered Graphene Nanowalls as an Efficient Supercapacitor Electrode
    • D. Banerjee
    • S. Kamatchi
    • D. Sujit
    • M. Ficek
    • B. Gourav
    • J. Ryl
    • D. Maheshwar Phase
    • M. Gupta
    • R. Bogdanowicz
    • I. Lin
    • A. Kanjilal
    • K. Haenen
    • S. Sinha Roy

    - Journal of Physical Chemistry C - 2019

    Synthesis of stable hybrid carbon nanostructure for high-performance supercapacitor electrode with long life-cycle for electronic and energy storage devices is a real challenge. Here, we present a one-step synthesis method to produce conductive boron-doped hybrid carbon nanowalls (HCNWs), where sp2-bonded graphene has been integrated with and over a three-dimensional curved wall-like network of sp3-bonded diamond. The spectroscopic...

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  • 3D Vision System for a Robotic Arm Based on Equal Baseline Camera Array

    This paper presents a lightweight 3D vision system called Equal Baseline Camera Array (EBCA). EBCA can work in different light conditions and it can be applied for measuring large range of distances. The system is a useful alternative to other known distance measuring devices such as structured-light 3D scanners, time-of-flight cameras, Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) devices and structure from motion techniques. EBCA can be...

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  • 3-phase medium frequency transformer for a 100kW 1.2kV 20kHz Dual Active Bridge converter

    - 2019

    The article presents a three-phase Medium Frequency Transformer being a part of a 100kW 1.2kV 20kHz Dual Active Bridge DC-DC converter. The transformer design is detailed focusing on winding and core power loss calculation. The high power three-phase MFT prototype is presented. The experimental results include the transformer impedance characteristics, no load test and three-phase DAB full load test waveforms

  • 5G Technologies in Intelligent Transport Systems - Architectures, Virtualization and Network Slicing

    In the paper, 5G communication technologies implemented for Intelligent Transport Systems are discussed. Firstly, the essence of the 5G system concept is presented, and the problem of network functions virtualization (NFV) is analyzed. Moreover, the principle of virtualization is explained. Secondly, the analysis of network slicing is performed, from the point of view of transport systems implementation in the...

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  • 2-bondage in graphs

    A 2-dominating set of a graph G=(V,E) is a set D of vertices of G such that every vertex of V(G)D has at least two neighbors in D. The 2-domination number of a graph G, denoted by gamma_2(G), is the minimum cardinality of a 2-dominating set of G. The 2-bondage number of G, denoted by b_2(G), is the minimum cardinality among all sets of edges E' subseteq E such that gamma_2(G-E') > gamma_2(G). If for every E' subseteq E we have...

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  • 36-pulse rectifier with a system of coupled three-phase reactors
    • P. Mysiak
    • R. Strzelecki
    • M. Klytta

    - 2013

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  • 3D Buckling Analysis of a Truss with Horizontal Braces

    The present research is devoted to the study of out–of–plane buckling of a truss with horizontal braces. The truss is a model of real roof truss scaled by factor 1=4. A linear buckling and a non–linear analysis with geometric and material non–linearity were carried out. The truss buckling and limit load for different stiffnesses and number of braces are found. Numerical analysis are verified by experiment. Threshold bracing stiffness condition...

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