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  • Haemocompatibility of Modified Nanodiamonds

    - Materials - 2017

    This study reports the interactions of modified nanodiamond particles in vitro with human blood. Modifications performed on the nanodiamond particles include oxygenation with a chemical method and hydrogenation upon chemical vapor deposition (CVD) plasma treatment. Such nanodiamonds were later incubated in whole human blood for different time intervals, ranging from 5 min to 5 h. The morphology of red blood cells was assessed along...

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  • Hale systemowe GALBOX wykonane całkowicie z kształtowników giętych na zimno

    W artykule przedstawiono hale systemowe Galbox, wykonane z profili giętych na zimno. Zaprezentowano zależność ciężaru hal stalowych dla różnych rozwiązań konstrukcyjnych.

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  • Handwritten signature verification system employing wireless biometric pen

    The handwritten signature verification system being a part of the developed multimodal biometric banking stand is presented. The hardware component of the solution is described with a focus on the signature acquisition and on verification procedures. The signature is acquired employing an accelerometer and a gyroscope built-in the biometric pen plus pressure sensors for the assessment of the proper pen grip and then the signature...

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