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Year 2024

  • Path integrals formulations leading to propagator evaluation for coupled linear physics in large geometric models


    Reformulating linear physics using second kind Fredholm equations is very standard practice. One of the straightforward consequences is that the resulting integrals can be expanded (when the Neumann expansion converges) and probabilized, leading to path statistics and Monte Carlo estimations. An essential feature of these algorithms is that they also allow to estimate propagators for all types of sources, including initial conditions....

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  • Polysaccharide nanocomposites in wastewater treatment: A review
    • H. Al-Hazmi
    • J. Łuczak
    • S. Habibzadeh
    • M. S. Hasanin
    • A. Mohammadi
    • A. Esmaeili
    • S. Kim
    • M. Khodadadi Yazdi
    • N. Rabiee
    • M. Badawi
    • M. Saeb

    - CHEMOSPHERE - Year 2024

    In modern times, wastewater treatment is vital due to increased water contamination arising from pollutants such as nutrients, pathogens, heavy metals, and pharmaceutical residues. Polysaccharides (PSAs) are natural, renewable, and non-toxic biopolymers used in wastewater treatment in the field of gas separation, liquid filtration, adsorption processes, pervaporation, and proton exchange membranes. Since addition of nanoparticles...

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  • Project-Based Collaborative Research and Training Roadmap for Manufacturing Based on Industry 4.0

    - Year 2024

    The importance of the economy being up to date with the latest developments, such as Industry 4.0, is more evident than ever before. Successful implementation of Industry 4.0 principles requires close cooperation of industry and state authorities with universities. A paradigm of such cooperation is described in this paper stemming from university partners with partly overlapping and partly complementary areas of expertise in manufacturing....

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Year 2023

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