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  • Quality assessment of ZnO-based varistors by 1/f noise

    Noise has been used as a diagnostic tool of surge arrester varistor structures comprising of ZnO grains of various type and size. The physical and electrical properties of the measured samples have been described. In the experimental study, the applied measurement system and the results of noise measurements for the selected structures of varistors designed for the continuous working voltage 280 V, 440 V and 660 V have been presented....

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  • Quality evaluation of agricultural distillates using different types of electronic noses

    The paper presents the results of investigation on quality evaluation of agricultural distillates using a prototype of electronic nose instrument and a commercial electronic nose of Fast/Flash GC type – HERACLES II. The prototype was equipped with TGS type semiconductor sensors. HERACLES II included two chromatographic columns with different polarity of stationary phase and two FID detectors. In case of the prototype volatile fraction...

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  • Quantifying Contextuality
    • A. Grudka
    • K. Horodecki
    • M. Horodecki
    • P. Horodecki
    • R. Horodecki
    • P. Joshi
    • W. Kłobus
    • A. Wójcik


    Contextuality is central to both the foundations of quantum theory and to the novel information processing tasks. Despite some recent proposals, it still faces a fundamental problem: how to quantify its presence? In this work, we provide a universal framework for quantifying contextuality. We conduct two complementary approaches: (i) the bottom-up approach, where we introduce a communication game, which grasps the phenomenon of...

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  • Quantum corrections to quasi-periodic solution of Sine-Gordon model and periodic solution of phi^4 model

    Analytical form of quantum corrections to quasi-periodic solution of Sine-Gordon model and periodic solution of phi^4 model is obtained through zeta function regularisation with account of all rest variables of a d-dimensional theory. Qualitative dependence of quantum corrections on parameters of the classical systems is also evaluated for a much broader class of potentials u(x) = b^2 f(bx) + C with b and C as arbitrary real constants

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  • Quantum structure in competing lizard communities


    Almost two decades of research on applications of the mathematical formalism of quantum theory as a modeling tool in domains different from the micro-world has given rise to many successful applications in situations related to human behavior and thought, more specifically in cognitive processes of decision-making and the ways concepts are combined into sentences. In this article, we extend this approach to animal behavior, showing...

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