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Excitation-independent constant conductance isfet driver


A new constant conductance driver for ISFETs sensors has been developed. The proposed circuit maintains the sensor operating point at constant drain-source conductance. The combination of a simple, self-balancing resistance bridge and the subtraction half (or similar fraction) of source-drain voltage from the gate-source voltage provides the independence of output signal from current and voltage drivers instability. The use of precision current sources or high class operating amplifiers is not required. The operating point depends on precision bridge resistors only. The driver presented here simplifies applications of ISFET sensors in battery powered handheld devices without the accuracy trade-off which the second part of the paper shows.


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Published in:
Metrology and Measurement Systems no. XVI, pages 33 - 41,
ISSN: 0860-8229
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Kokot M., Ossowski T.: Excitation-independent constant conductance isfet driver// Metrology and Measurement Systems. -Vol. XVI., nr. iss. 4 (2009), s.33-41
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