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Green Sample Collection


The term of “green sample collection” is directly associated with both passive and dynamic analytical tools which allow for simultaneous management of the stage of collection and isolation and/or enrichment of a broad spectrum of chemical compounds from environmental samples. The use of passive sampling techniques at the stage of sample collection makes it possible to obtain in a simple yet inexpensive manner an analytical information on time weighted average concentration of chemical compounds in environmental samples, without any support of high-tech equipment. However, the use of dynamic techniques at the stage of sampling analytes from environmental matrix allows for obtaining a very high degree of enrichment and for collection onto a sorption medium of a considerable number of chemical compounds in the course of a single sampling process. This chapter provides information on the practical use of passive and dynamic techniques in the environmental analytics (air, water, soil). The following two basic aspects of making use of these techniques will be discussed in the context of the philosophy of green analytical chemistry: (1) the stage of analyte sampling from environmental matrix and (2) the stage of analyte desorption in laboratory conditions.


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The Application of Green Solvents in Separation Processes strony 379 - 414
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Marć M., Śmiełowska M., Zabiegała B.: Green Sample Collection// The Application of Green Solvents in Separation Processes/ ed. Francisco Pena-Pereira, Marek Tobiszewski Holandia: Elsevier, 2017, s.379-414
Digital Object Identifier (open in new tab) 10.1016/b978-0-12-805297-6.00013-9
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