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Operation of multistage constructed wetlands systems in temporary climate


The investigation were carried out at two different hybrid constructed wetlands, which treated municipal sewage after mechanical treatment from small villages in Pomeranian Region. In all facilities first step of biological treatment were horizontal flow beds. The main difference concern configuration of the facilities and sewage distributions systems into vertical flow beds. The measurement period was divided into vegetation (from April to October) and outside vegetation seasons (from November to March) for all analysed facilities. The results allowed for estimation of efficiency removal of different contaminations in both measurements seasons. Comparison of the amount of sewage and loads of contamination inflowing and outflowing from the facilities are presented. Achieved results make it possible to estimate the rate of organic matter decomposition and nitrogen removal in vegetation and outside vegetation seasons.Badania prowadzono w dwóch obiektach wielostopniowych systemach hydrofitowych w rejonie gdańska. Obiekty przeznaczone były do oczyszczania ścieków bytowo-gospodarczych pochodzących od 200 MR i 600MR. Otrzymane wykiki pozwoloły na ocenę pracy tych obiektów zarówno w okresie wegetacyjnym jak i poza wegetacyjnym.

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Obarska-Pempkowiak H., Gajewska M.: Operation of multistage constructed wetlands systems in temporary climate// / : , 2005,
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