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Regaining In-Group Continuity in Times of Anxiety About the Group’s Future



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    Anouk Smeekes

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    Jolanda Jetten

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    Maykel Verkuyten

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    Michael Wohl

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    Inga Jasinskaja-Lahti

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    Amarina Ariyanto

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    Frédérique Autin

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    Nadia Ayub

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    Constantina Badea

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    Tomasz Besta dr hab.

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    Fabrizio Butera

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    Rui Costa-Lopes

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    Lijuan Cui

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    Carole Fantini

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    Gillian Finchilescu

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    Lowell Gaertner

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    Mario Gollwitzer

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    Ángel Gómez

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    Roberto González

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    Ying Hong

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    Dorthe Jensen

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    Minoru Karasawa

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    Thomas Kessler

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    Olivier Klein

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    Marcus Lima

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    Tuuli Renvik

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    Laura Megevand

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    Thomas Morton

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    Paola Paladino

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    Tibor Polya

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    Aleksejs Ruza

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    Wan Shahrazad

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    Sushama Sharma

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    Ali Teymoori

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    Ana Torres

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    Anne van

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Magazine publication
Magazine publication
Published in:
SOC PSYCHOL-GERMANY no. 49, edition 6, pages 311 - 329,
ISSN: 1864-9335
Publication year:
Digital Object Identifier (open in new tab) 10.1027/1864-9335/a000350
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