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The problem of infections associated with implants – an overview


Implant-associated infections are serious and relatively common complication that leads to implant loss. The purpose of this paper is to gather knowledge about this issue. A literature review of the epidemiology, risk factors and pathogenesis of infections related to implants was carried out. This position collects data on commonly used implants and infections associated with them from various fields of medicine and contains classifications of the main factors that predispose to this infection, frequency hierarchy and categorization of bacteria strain that cause them. The risk factors are grouped into four basic groups dependent on: the implant, the patient, the local environment and the surgical technique. It was found that this infections are the most common in the case of: ventricular assist devices, catheters, bone substitutes, dental and breast implants. The conclusion was made that implant-associated infections are usually caused by multiple strains of bacterial species, mainly by Staphylococci, especially Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus epidermidis. The most important aspect of minimizing implant-associated infections is prevention. Summarize, besides of perioperative antibiotic prophylaxis, sterility of treatment and hygiene, the crucial aspect is also the design of implants.


artykuły w czasopismach recenzowanych i innych wydawnictwach ciągłych
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European Journal of Medical Technologies pages 19 - 26,
ISSN: 2353-1029
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Wekwejt M., Dziaduszewska M., Pałubicka A.: The problem of infections associated with implants – an overview// European Journal of Medical Technologies. -., nr. 4(21) (2018), s.19-26
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