The study on application of biopolyols obtained by cellulose biomass liquefaction performed with crude glycerol for the synthesis of rigid polyurethane foams - Publication - MOST Wiedzy


The study on application of biopolyols obtained by cellulose biomass liquefaction performed with crude glycerol for the synthesis of rigid polyurethane foams


In this work rigid polyurethane foams (PUR) were obtained by replacement of 0–70 wt% of petrochemical polyol with bio-polyol obtained via cellulose liquefaction in presence of crude glycerol. The foams with different content of a bio-polyol were prepared by single step method for NCO/OH ratio equals 1.5. The prepared materials were analyzed in terms of their morphology, chemical structure, thermal stability and basic physical and mechanical properties. The effects of photo-oxidative and thermo-oxidative aging on chemical structure, apparent density and mechanical properties of the biomass based rigid polyurethane foams were investigated and discussed.


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ISSN: 1566-2543
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Kosmela P., Hejna A., Formela K., Haponiuk J., Piszczyk Ł.: The study on application of biopolyols obtained by cellulose biomass liquefaction performed with crude glycerol for the synthesis of rigid polyurethane foams// JOURNAL OF POLYMERS AND THE ENVIRONMENT. -Vol. 26, nr. 6 (2018), s.2546-2554
Digital Object Identifier (open in new tab) 10.1007/s10924-017-1145-8
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