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  • Metrisable assessment of the course of stream‑systemic processes in vector form in industry 4.0

    The goal of this paper is to present an innovative conception how to use metrisable vector structure of a manufacturing process, based on quantitative relations between the activity of input streams, features of the product, and effect of losses; all of which are excellent practical solution for Industry 4.0, and in turn intelligent factories. This solution can be a usefull way in the process of building sustainable organization....

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  • The concept of improving warehouse management in the X production company

    - Research in Logistics & Production - Year 2017

    The article aims at the presentation of a concept referring to the improvement of warehouse management in the X production plant. The authors suggest two solutions: using storage racks at the picking process site and warehouse automation. Ultimately, the authors of the article present their basic calculation of the costs, indicating the increase in efficiency after the implementation of the discussed...

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  • Metrisability of managing of stream-systemic processes

    To achieve the planned goal, in order to properly describe the manufacturing system management, six process stream functions were introduced. Non-dimensional flows of these functions in time can be empirically defined during the manufacturing process. They are interpreted as non-dimensional expenses. Maximum values for these functions in properly-managed processes equal one. Also, a global management function was introduced, being...

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