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dr inż. Rafał Ossowski


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Senior Lecturer

Budynek WILiŚ pokój 410
(58) 347 20 75

Vice-Dean for Field of Studies in Civil Engineering

(58) 347 17 16, (58) 347 12 18, (58) 347 13 22

Publication showcase

  • Mechanical Properties of a Dike Formed from a Soil-ash Composite

    The paper presents the research results on application of composite soils for dike construction. The composite soil is produced by mixing bottom ash (by-product of energetics) with dredged material (sand) taken from the mouth of The Vistula river. The optimum composite for dike core was chosen with respect to mechanical parameters: high internal friction angle, good compaction and reduced hydraulic conductivity. The test dike was...

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  • A new approach of coastal cliff monitoring using Mobile Laser Scanning

    The article proposes a new approach of coastal cliff monitoring which bases on a new comprehensive monitoring system, being a combination of mobile scanning from the sea with the geotechnical stability analysis. Mobile laser scanning is an innovative solution for 3D data collection which allows the monitored object geometry to be precisely measured, thus providing opportunities for series of analyses contributing to the development...

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  • Complex Monitoring of the Coastal Cliffs on the Example of Cliff in Jastrzebia Gora, Poland

    The cliff coasts, which are in total about 100 km long, are especially vulnerable to abrasion. The mean regression of the studied object which is the seacliff in Jastrzebia Gora depends on time. For example, from 1875 to 1937 the cliff regress 90 m in mean pace of 1.4 meter a year. Besides of natural factors causing the degradation, there is also an anthropogenic activity, which speeds up the abrasion process. Based on these informations,...

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