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  • Geotechnical Aspects of Dike Construction Using Soil-Ash Composites

    An analysis of using of anthropogenic materials, mainly ashes from Coal Combustion Products (CCP), for dike construction is shown. Perspectives of anthropogenic materials application in geotechnical engineering and their advantages in sense of the carbon dioxide reduction are discussed. According to regulations of Kioto Protocol 2005 and EU agreement “Energy Roadmap 2050” recycled materials have higher usage priority than natural...

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  • Environmental aspects of coastal earth structures made of soil-ash composites

    This paper presents an innovative technology of building the coastal dams with the use of soil-ash composites. A natural- scale test stand and results of the performed environmental tests are presented ; they have been compared with standards for purity of soils and waters. Also, an analysis of the obtained results and discussion of trends and anomalies in the observations, are given.

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  • Mechanical Properties of a Dike Formed from a Soil-ash Composite

    The paper presents the research results on application of composite soils for dike construction. The composite soil is produced by mixing bottom ash (by-product of energetics) with dredged material (sand) taken from the mouth of The Vistula river. The optimum composite for dike core was chosen with respect to mechanical parameters: high internal friction angle, good compaction and reduced hydraulic conductivity. The test dike was...

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