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  • Application of polymer element in reduction of temporary steel grandstand vibrations

    The numerical analysis focused on reduction of vibrations of a temporary steel scaffolding grandstand has been conducted in this paper. These types of structures are regularly subjected to dynamic loads which, in conjunction with light and quite slender structural members, may induce dangerous vibrations. To increase their safety, temporary steel grandstands are usually strengthened with the diagonal stiffeners of tubular cross...

  • Behaviour of Asymmetric Structure with Base Isolation Made of Polymeric Bearings

    Earthquake-induced ground motions are the most severe and unpredictable threats to the structures all around the world. Seismic excitations cause a lot of damage in a wide variety of ways, leaving thousands of casualties in their wake. Due to randomness of earthquake occurrence, lack of visible causes and their power of destructiveness, structural engineers need to develop new technical solutions and protection systems against...

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