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  • Two Stage SVM and kNN Text Documents Classifier


    The paper presents an approach to the large scale text documents classification problem in parallel environments. A two stage classifier is proposed, based on a combination of k-nearest neighbors and support vector machines classification methods. The details of the classifier and the parallelisation of classification, learning and prediction phases are described. The classifier makes use of our method named one-vs-near. It is...

  • Voice command recognition using hybrid genetic algorithm

    Abstract: Speech recognition is a process of converting the acoustic signal into a set of words, whereas voice command recognition consists in the correct identification of voice commands, usually single words. Voice command recognition systems are widely used in the military, control systems, electronic devices, such as cellular phones, or by people with disabilities (e.g., for controlling a wheelchair or operating a computer...

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  • Improving css-KNN Classification Performance by Shifts in Training Data


    - 2015

    This paper presents a new approach to improve the performance of a css-k-NN classifier for categorization of text documents. The css-k-NN classifier (i.e., a threshold-based variation of a standard k-NN classifier we proposed in [1]) is a lazy-learning instance-based classifier. It does not have parameters associated with features and/or classes of objects, that would be optimized during off-line learning. In this paper we propose...