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  • Dynamics of S-unimodal maps used in population modeling.

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    S-unimodal maps are maps of the interval with negative Schwarzian derivative and having only one turning point (such that the map is increasing to the left of the turning point and decreasing to the right of it). Theory of S-unimodal maps is now a well-developed branch of discrete dynamical systems, including famous Singer theorem which implies existence...

  • Bistability in a One-Dimensional Model of a Two-Predators-One-Prey Population Dynamics System


    - Lobachevskii Journal of Mathematics - Year 2021

    In this paper, we study a classical two-predators-one-prey model. The classical model described by a system of three ordinary differential equations can be reduced to a one-dimensional bimodalmap. We prove that this map has at most two stable periodic orbits. Besides, we describe the bifurcation structure of the map. Finally, we describe a mechanism that leads to bistable regimes. Taking this mechanism into account, one can easily...

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