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  • Improvement of Imperfect String Matching Based on Asymetric n-Grams


    Typical approaches to string comparing treats them as either different or identical without taking into account the possibility of misspelling of the word. In this article we present an approach we used for improvement of imperfect string matching that allows one to reconstruct potential string distortions. The proposed method increases the quality of imperfect string matching, allowing the lookup of misspelled words without significant...

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  • Towards increasing F-measure of approximate string matching in O(1) complexity

    The paper analyzes existing approaches for approximate string matching based on linear search with Levenshtein distance, AllScan and CPMerge algorithms using cosine, Jaccard and Dice distance measures. The methods are presented and compared to our approach that improves indexing time using Locally Sensitive Hashing. Advantages and drawbacks of the methods are identified based on theoretical considerations as well as empirical evaluations...

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  • Software Tools to Measure the Duplication of Information

    Data stored in average computer system usually is not unique, portions of stored data are duplicated. When duplicated data are stored in separate files containing source code of computer program of student homework, a possibility of cheating should be seriously considered. This paper presents software tools built, in order to detect re-use of pieces of code in supplied text files. Three aspects of information atching are considered:...

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