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PhD. Sebastian Wilczewski is employed as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Informatics in Management, Faculty of Management and Economics. Additionally, he has been working in IT companies for over 20 years, where he held positions from an system engineer and consultant, through the position of Project Manager, Portfolio Manager and Process Owner to the position of Team Leader for a team of about 30 IT analysts.

Areas of scientific interest are broadly understood project management in both the classic and agile approach, at every stage of the project life cycle. This applies not only to individual projects, but also to the management of larger initiatives (project portfolio management). This applies to the holistic approach to project and initiative management from the stage of submitting ideas for their evaluation and selection, through the collection and definition of requirements, the implementation of projects and the implementation (transit) of products delivered under projects.

Scientific interests

  • Project and project portfolio management (both classic and agile)
  • Requirements management (functional and non-functional) during the implementation of IT systems
  • Operation and maintenance of IT systems
  • IT process management.

Guided subjects

  • Project management
  • Management of functional and non-functional requirements (post-graduate studies)
  • Ways of obtaining requirements (post-graduate studies)
  • Introduction to IT management in an enterprise (post-graduate studies)
  • Business continuity management (postgraduate studies)
  • IT audits. Good practices (postgraduate studies)
  • Computer aided project management (post-graduate studies)
  •  Communication in companies (IT Tools)
  • Negotiations with the client (post-graduate studies)

Consultancy hours

  • Cnsultations are held remotely via the MS Teams / Skype application. To arrange a consultation date, please contact the teacher directly.

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