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Budynek Wydziału Mechanicznego pokój 226
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Dyrektor Instytutu Technologii Maszyn i Materiałów

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  • Surface Texture Analysis of Hardened Shafts after Ceramic Ball Burnishing

    This article represents the results of testing the surface condition of shafts manufactured by the burnishing process. The shafts with a hardness of approximately 62 HRC (Rockwell C). were burnished with a ceramic ball (Si3N4), where the force range was controlled by the means of a hydraulic system. The machining process consisted of hard turning shafts with cubic boron nitride (CBN) inserts, followed by burnishing with the use...

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  • Studying the Effect of Working Conditions on WEDM Machining Performance of Super Alloy Inconel 617

    Wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM) has been for many years a precise and efficient non-conventional manufacturing solution in various industrial applications, mostly involving the use of hard-to machine materials like, among other, the Inconel super alloys. The focus of the present study is on exploring the effect of selected control parameters, including pulse duration, pulse-off time and the dielectric flow pressure on...

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  • Hybrid Processing by Turning and Burnishing of Machine Components

    - Year 2018

    The paper presents a method of hybrid manufacturing process of long 5 shafts and deep holes by simultaneous turning and burnishing method. The tech- 6 nological results of the research focus on the influence of the basic technological 7 parameters of this process on the surface roughness of piston rods of hydraulic 8 cylinders. Research results are presented in the graphs as well as mathematical 9 formula. Set of samples were made...

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He graduated in 1983. After graduation, he worked in the industry sector, especially as a constructor of tools, equipment and production machinery. Since 2000 he works in research and teaching staff of the Gdansk University of Technology at the Department of Manufacturing and Production Engineering. In 2003 he received PhD at the Mechanical Faculty of the Gdansk University of Technology. He completed his habilitation work at 2015. In this period he was author and co-author of more than 80 publications. The results of his work were presented at many international conferences. His scientific activity focuses on: manufacturing methods and production automation, and in particular: incremental production methods, geometric surface structures, finishing processes and processing of polymer materials.

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