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  • Mechanical properties of the human stomach under uniaxial stress action

    The aim of this study was to estimate the range of mechanical properties of the human stomach in order to use the collected data in numerical modelling of surgical stapling during resections of the stomach. The biomedical tests were conducted in a self-developed tensile test machine. Twenty-two fresh human stomach specimens were used for the experimental study of its general strength. The specimens were obtained from morbidly obese...

    Full text available to download

  • Rehabilitation device supporting active and passive upper limb exercises

    • R. Trochimczuk
    • T. Huścio
    • S. Grymek
    • D. Szalewska

    - CURRENT SCIENCE - Year 2018

    This article presents a mechatronic solution for rehabilitation devices supporting active and passive exercises in persons with motor dysfunctions of the upper limbs in the area of the elbow and shoulder joints. A planar positioner integrated with original software and a control system, served as the basis for creating the present solution. Bellman’s programming method was applied to optimize the motion trajectory of the planar...

    Full text available to download

  • Test Stand for Multi-option Stretching of Soft Tissues

    - Year 2021

    The paper presents the genesis of the design and possibilities of the test stand for stretching soft tissues as well as examples of tests carried out on this device.

Obtained scientific degrees/titles

  • 2013-11-06

    Obtained science degree

    dr hab. inż. Mechanical engineering (Technology)
  • 1996-12-09

    Obtained science degree

    dr inż. Mechanical engineering (Technology)
    Politechnika Koszalińska

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