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  • A note on polynomial algorithm for cost coloring of bipartite graphs with Δ ≤ 4

    In the note we consider vertex coloring of a graph in which each color has an associated cost which is incurred each time the color is assigned to a vertex. The cost of coloring is the sum of costs incurred at each vertex. We show that the minimum cost coloring problem for n-vertex bipartite graph of degree ∆≤4 can be solved in O(n^2) time. This extends Jansen’s result [K.Jansen,The optimum cost chromatic partition problem, in:...

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  • Chromatic cost coloring of weighted bipartite graphs

    Given a graph G and a sequence of color costs C, the Cost Coloring optimization problem consists in finding a coloring of G with the smallest total cost with respect to C. We present an analysis of this problem with respect to weighted bipartite graphs. We specify for which finite sequences of color costs the problem is NP-hard and we present an exact polynomial algorithm for the other finite sequences. These results are then extended...

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  • Czy komputer może zrobić błąd rachunkowy?

    W szkole błędy rachunkowe nie są mile widziane, w dodatku zazwyczaj nie wolno na lekcjach matematyki używać kalkulatorów. Jaka szkoda! Przecież kalkulator nigdy się nie myli! Ale czy na pewno?

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  • Multi-agent graph searching and exploration algorithms

    - 2020

    A team of mobile entities, which we refer to as agents or searchers interchangeably, starting from homebases needs to complete a given task in a graph.The goal is to build a strategy, which allows agents to accomplish their task. We analyze strategies for their effectiveness (e.g., the number of used agents, the total number of performed moves by the agents or the completion time).Currently, the fields of on-line (i.e., agents...

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  • Shared processor scheduling of multiprocessor jobs

    We study a problem of shared processor scheduling of multiprocessor weighted jobs. Each job can be executed on its private processor and simultaneously on possibly many processors shared by all jobs. This simultaneous execution reduces their completion times due to the processing time overlap. Each of the m shared processors may charge a different fee but otherwise the processors are identical. The goal is to maximize the total...

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  • Visual TreeCmp : Comprehensive Comparison of Phylogenetic Trees on the Web

    1. We present Visual TreeCmp—a package of applications for comparing phylogenetic tree sets. 2. Visual TreeCmp includes a graphical web interface allowing the visualization of compared trees and command line application extended by comparison methods recently proposed in the literature. 3. The phylogenetic tree similarity analysis in Visual TreeCmp can be performed using eighteen metrics, of which 11 are dedicated to rooted trees...

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  • Zagadkowe obrazki binarne

    Czy wiesz, że za pomocą liczb można kodować obrazki? Dziś odkodujemy i narysujemy takie obrazki, a przy okazji poćwiczymy zamianę liczb z systemu dziesiętnego na dwójkowy, czyli binarny.

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