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AGREEPrep Calculator

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AGREEprep is a metric tool for assessing the greenness of the sample preparation stage of an analytical procedure.  It is accompanied by an open-source GUI-based software that is intended to facilitate the assessment by guiding the user through the 10 criteria and allowing to easily generate the result either as a graph or in the form of a detailed report.

The most recent version of the code is available at git.pg.edu.pl/p174235/agreeprep.

For further details see:

W.Wojnowski, M.Tobiszewski, F.Pena-Pereira, E.Psillakis, AGREEprep - Analytical Greenness Metric for Sample Preparation, TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry (2022), doi.org/10.1016/j.trac.2022.116553

Please download the compiled version using the links below.

Note, that the downloaded file might trigger an anti-malware warning which can be safely ignored.

An emulated Linux desktop preview is available online. Follow this link to see a short video on how to use this online replit.

The software is currently compiled for MS Windows, and Mac users are advised to use the above-mentioned emulated version for the time being.

Illustration of the publication

Direct download:

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