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  • Ordinal pattern statistics for the assessment of heart rate variability

    - The European Physical Journal-Special Topics - Rok 2013

    The recognition of all main features of a healthy heart rhythm (the so-called sinus rhythm) is still one of the biggest challenges in contemporary cardiology. Recently the interesting physiological phenomenon of heart rate asymmetry has been observed. This phenomenon is related to unbalanced contributions of heart rate decelerations and accelerations to heart rate variability. In this paper we apply methods based on the concept...

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  • Entropic Measures of Complexity of Short-Term Dynamics of Nocturnal Heartbeats in an Aging Population

    • D. Makowiec
    • A. Kaczkowska
    • D. Wejer
    • M. Żarczyńska-Buchowiecka
    • Z. R. Struzik

    - ENTROPY - Rok 2015

    Two entropy-based approaches are investigated to study patterns describing differences in time intervals between consecutive heartbeats. The first method explores matrices arising from networks of transitions constructed following events represented by a time series. The second method considers distributions of ordinal patterns of length three, whereby patterns with repeated values are counted as different patterns. Both methods provide...

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  • Entropy Measures in the Assessment of Heart Rate Variability in Patients with Cardiodepressive Vasovagal Syncope

    - ENTROPY - Rok 2015

    Sample entropy (SampEn) was reported to be useful in the assessment of the complexity of heart rate dynamics. Permutation entropy (PermEn) is a new measure based on the concept of order and was previously shown to be accurate for short, non-stationary datasets. The aim of the present study is to assess if SampEn and PermEn obtained from baseline recordings might differentiate patients with various outcomes of the head-up tilt test...

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