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Agnieszka received her masters degree in biology at Jagiellonian University (Poland). Besides standard university classes, she did multiple extracurricular research internships in both basic science and medical life sciences e.g. at Warsaw University, Jagiellonian University College of Medicine, University of Medical Sciences in Poznań and University Medical Center Utrecht, that provided her with excellent interdisciplinary training opportunities and through which her passion for medical research emerged. An interest in medical life sciences led Agnieszka to the Faculty of Medicine at Technical University of Munich (Germany), where she received her PhD in biomedical research. During her PhD she developed several 3D models to study stromal-epithelial cross-talk in the intestinal stem cell niche, for which she was awarded multiple prizes e.g. Laura Bassi Award TUM and poster prizes at international conferences in Germany and the USA. Agnieszka did her postdoctoral trainings in Michael Shen laboratory at the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center, Columbia University, USA and Richard Lundmark laboratory at Umeå University in Sweden. Her research interests include stem cell biology, cancer biology, tissue microenvironment, cancer immunotherapy and personalized cancer medicine. Currently, Agnieszka is a junior group leader at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. Her long-term goal is to identify novel targets of the tissue microenvironment for chronic diseases e.g. cancer and celiac disease. In addition to research-related activities, Agnieszka was involved in many activities aiming at fundraising and increasing awareness for cancer research and cancer prevention e.g. Run Against Breast Cancer (12. Münchner Frauenlauf gegen Brustkrebs, die Bayerische Krebsgesellschaft e.V.), Munich (Germany), the AACR Run Against Cancer (USA), and AmpUp! Walk/Run to End Bladder Cancer - New York City (USA).

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