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  • Constant vs. Variable Efficiency of Electric Drive in Train Run Simulations

    Train run simulations, which focus on various power- and energy-oriented aspects, should reflect the losses in the electric powertrain. In general, the powertrain efficiency varies with respect to load and speed. Including this relation in simulation requires knowledge about detailed drivetrain parameters, which are often unavailable. This paper verifies the possibility to approximate the drivetrain efficiency in train run simulations...

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  • Novel method of estimation of inertial and dissipative parameters of a railway pantograph model


    An increase in electric railway vehicles service velocity requires that correct interaction between the pantograph and the catenary is ensured. This implies the need for developing mathematical models of pantographs and catenaries and determining their parameters. The article presents a method to determine parameters of mechanical joints of a railway pantograph based on analysis of pantograph subassemblies in swinging motion. The...

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  • Practical Eco-Driving Strategy for Suburban Electric Multiple Unit

    In this paper, a practical approach to velocity profile optimization for electric multiple unit was presented. The study focuses on a case of fast urban railway, which is a popular mean of transport across Tricity, Poland. Based on observations and measurements, a potential for improvement of energy efficiency by modifying the speed profile was recognized. In order to conduct necessary calculations, simulation model of railway...

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