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  • ColorNephroNet: Kidney tumor malignancy prediction using medical image colorization

    Renal tumor malignancy classification is one of the crucial tasks in urology, being a primary factor included in the decision of whether to perform kidney removal surgery (nephrectomy) or not. Currently, tumor malignancy prediction is determined by the radiological diagnosis based on computed tomography (CT) images. However, it is estimated that up to 16% of nephrectomies could have been avoided because the tumor that had been...

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  • Medical Image Dataset Annotation Service (MIDAS)

    - Rok 2020

    MIDAS (Medical Image Dataset Annotation Service) is a custom-tailored tool for creating and managing datasets either for deep learning, as well as machine learning or any form of statistical research. The aim of the project is to provide one-fit-all platform for creating medical image datasets that could easily blend in hospital's workflow. In our work, we focus on the importance of medical data anonimization, discussing the...

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